Searching for Shipping Containers

Searching for shipping containers on's Container Trader platform is simple the process of focusing on the criteria of containers that meet your needs.  Searches can be filtered on the following areas:

  • Listing Type
  • Container Type
  • Location (Country, State, City)
  • Number of Units (Single or Multiple)
  • Container Condition

Search All Container Listings

Once logged into the Container Trader platform click on the "Search Listings" icon and the search window will appear.  Focus the search on the listings that you are most interested in, and to view the listing click on the green arrow on the far right column to open a new listing window.

Search Private Listings

If you have been invited to private container listing sales you can view only these listings by clicking on the "Search Private Listings" icon.  This icon is located below the "Search Listings" icon and operates in the same way as the other search functions, with the exception that you will only see the private listings that you've been invited to bid on.