Account Set Up

Setting up and managing an account on both, and the Container Trader platform requires limited information and can be done in a matter of minutes.  Once the following form is completed you will be sent an email to confirm your email address and complete the activate process of your account.

Retail Trader

Setting up a retail account on can be done in one of two places:

1. The registration form, which can be found here and is pictured here:

Register on

2. On any "Container Request" form, as pictured here:

Register on

Commercial Trader

The Container Trader platform has two core functions in mind, those buying containers, and those selling containers.

Commercial Seller: To set up a commercial seller account on the Container Trader platform you will need to contact, or call 1-307-222-9085.  Once your account is approved, you will have full access to begin creating listings and inviting your buyers into the network.

Commercial Buyer:  To become a commercial buyer on the Container Trader platform you must be invited by an approved seller.  To learn who the approved sellers are please reference this page and contact the appropriate contact person.