Account Levels

There are five account levels on, not including unregistred visitors.  Each level has different features and access to different areas of the site.  The only level that carries a charge is level 5/+5, all other accounts have no charge to register, or purchase containers.


A general buyer on has access to the main site,, and can purchase containers and ask questions about active listings on the site.


A general seller on can buy and sell containers on a basic level.  This account can create listings, recieve communication from potential buyers, and contact sellers about existing listings.

Private User (Level 3)

A private user has been invited by a corporate account and has access to all commercial listings of the user that has invited them, and has the ability to be invited to participate in private auctions.

There is no charge for this account.

Commercial Trader (Level 4)

A commercial trader has the ability to use the Container Trader platform, communicate with potential buyers, and create and manage bulk listings, and create private listings.  Commercial traders have the ability to see all retail and commercial listings.

Commercial traders can connect with other buyers and sellers, and invite users to join their network.

There is an annual subscrition rate for this level of account.

Corporate Account (Level 6)

A corporate account has all of the ability of a commercial trader account, along with the ability to brand the Trader web desktop with their corporate image, and produce custom invoices automatically through

There is an annual subscription rate for this level of account.