and the Container Trader platform are integrated, online software applications that allow you to market and manage the sale of shipping containers in a way that is more efficient, productive, and organized than ever before.

Buyers and sellers from around the world are able to connect through the website and auction engine to trade containers at competitive global rates. ContainerAuction has sellers actively marketing containers of all types and sizes: 20' and 40', dry vans, refrigerated, tanks, and specialized containers of all types can be found around the world.

  • Online Platform: No software to download, install, and manage.
  • Efficiency: Buyers have real time access to your available inventory, and are notified automatically as new inventory comes online.
  • Cost Savings: Working more effecietly saves time, man hours, and money.  Touch the data one time and get multiple results.
  • Targeted Audience: Share your available inventory to retail, commercial, or private audiences.
  • Centralized Communication: Users and customers can communicate through the platform and all messages and agreements are stored in one central location.

The following pages are the user’s guide to managing shipping container sales online.  If you are a shipping line, container leasing company, or trader and would to like to use the Container Trader platform for to improve the efficiency and save time and transaction costs please contact for more information.